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    ...is a nomadic archearchal nanonation gameworld delivering transformational trainings, evolutionary processes, and authentic adulthood and archetypal initiations to ecovillages, groups, and individuals through the tools, thoughtmaps, and processes of Possibility Management.


    What makes a Possibilican a Possibilican is their love of the other Possibilicans and their love of the gameworld of Possibilica.


    The distinctions, thoughtware, and Rules Of Engagement of a gameworld emerge from the context of the gameworld.

    The context is the way the gameworld relates to consciousness and responsibility,

    and gives birth to the particular characteristics of each gameworld.


    Is a music band still a music band even if the musicians are not on stage performing together? Yes. Does a school exist even on the weekends? Yes.


    A surfer can only surf a wave when she is on the wave.

    For the time being, the physical location of Possibilica is determined by the invitations we receive to perform.


    For example, while this was being written, Possibilicans were busily delivering 3 Initiation workshops at the GEN-Europe conference at Lilleoru, Estonia, 3 Inner Activism and Gameworld Builder workshops at Liminal Village at Boom! Festival in Portugal, a Sword and Chocolate intimacy talk and workshop in Lausanne, Switzerland, personal healing and initiation processes at the New Culture Summer Camp in Eugene, Oregon, and Expand The Box training and Possibility Lab in Melbourne, Australia. The near future is calling us to South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, and Brazil, in addition to European requests in Nederland, Estonia, Spain, Romania, and Lithuania.


    In the same way that Gandalf goes when and where he is needed, we are on the road. Being a transformational road-warrior requires a strong center and a clear grounding-cord connection to Gaia.


    There is a natural progression of cultures that roll out as circumstances and purpose change, and as awareness and our ability to interact and create evolves, from matriarchal to patriarchal to archearchal.


    Matriarchal cultures reign when humans organize as tribes and clans, roving the Earth as if she were a gigantic salad bar open 24/7/365. Matriarchal tribes view their own gameworld members as 'human beings' and everyone else as 'the edible ones'. They do not teach 'cultural relativity'. Matriarchal initiations move a person's assemblage points from the mother to the ancestors and the traditions. Each person is trained to submit their authority to the rules of engagement of the gameworld.


    As climate conditions changed 6000 years ago humans domesticated animals and figured out how to grow a surplus of food that could be stored. But stored food can also be stolen. Roving bands of male marauders became the baron kings and emperors, building armies, advancing weapons, putting up fences to defend the concept of owning land. The top of the hierarchy regarded their farmers as serfs or slaves, and battled each other for territory and possessions. Thus the age of the capitalist patriarchal empire began, and now comes to an end as we have burned off easily available oil, coal, and gas, and hierarchical structures around the world have been hijacked by the psychopathic agenda. Modern culture banned authentic adulthood initiations so uninitiated adolescents can rise to power. Modern culture also does not teach its people 'cultural relativity' so it views the world as its 'resources' and all other countries and creatures as consumable.


    What naturally emerges after matriarchy and patriarchy have run their course is 'archearchy', cultures in which archetypally initiated adult women creatively collaborate with archetypally initiated adult men. Archearchal cultures are contexted in radical responsibility, consciously navigate all 3 worlds, and center themselves around authentic adulthood initiatory processes. Archearchal distinctions include clarity that all cultures are arbitrary gameworlds and so teach cultural-relativity. Edgeworkers accompany people across bridges from matriarchy and patriarchy to archearchy as New Refugees: archearchy.org


    The idea that all the land on Earth is already claimed by the 195 meganation members of the United Nations stops most people from realizing their own autonomy, authority, and responsibility to create the cultural gameworld they would love to live in.


    No one can speak for another person. The idea of a representative democracy is ludicrous. The largest circle in which everyone's voice can be heard is about 60, the size of a tribe. If you stop using hierarchical power structures and use circular meeting technologies instead, and if you reinstate authentic adulthood and archetypal initiations as the highest value in your culture, the psychopaths will not be able to take over and human aliveness and creativity can thrive. When adults are initiated into radical responsibility what naturally emerges on Earth is 100 million interdepending collaborative nanonations. Possibilica is one of these. nanonations.org. There are many others.


    It turns out that human beings interact with each other through the 'gameworlds' we make up out of nothing and agree to play together. For example, soccer is a gameworld. If you change one rule in soccer - such as allowing 2 balls, or requiring each team to have one camel - you would have an entirely different gameworld.

    School is a gameworld. How do you play? Register, sit in rows, take notes, try to get the best grade.

    Money is a gameworld. How do you play? Believe that bits of paper or digits in a computer have value. Then whoever dies with the most money wins.

    One way to get money is to play in the gameworld called 'having a job.' J.O.B. stands for Just Over Broke. How do you play? Apply to a company. If they like you, you sign a contract to do what they tell you to do even if you don't want to do it or they will fire you. If you agree they give you money in exchange for each hour you are their slave.

    When you have some money you can play the gameworld of banks and credit cards. How do you play? Pay a bank to keep your money safe, then pay them to give your money to others with the credit card.

    Being a citizen of a country is a gameworld. Buying insurance is a gameworld. Driving a car is a gameworld. We live in a maze of gameworlds. What if you become conscious of that? What if you give yourself the power to choose what gameworlds you play in? Why bother? Because you support the values of the gameworlds you play in.

    Zombies are people who pretend to be unaware of the values of the gameworlds they play in. We have updated what Buckminster Fuller said to: "You don't change things by fighting the existing gameworlds. You change things my building new gameworlds that make the existing gameworlds irrelevant." Don't be left behind playing in a stupid gameworld.

    More info at: gameworldbuilder.mystrikingly.com.


    Modern culture leaves out a crucial element to you becoming a powerful adult. They leave out initiation.

    Do you think this is an accident?

    What is initiation? Is is not ritual or ceremony. It is not giving your authority away to the ancestors or the traditions of the tribe.

    The kind of authentic adulthood initiations and archetypal initiations needed now are transformational processes after which you are responsible for things you may never have thought you could be responsible for before.

    Nobody can get initiated for you. More interestingly, nobody can stop you from getting initiated.

    To learn about adulthood and archetypal initiations please visit initiations.org.

    ...possibility management?

    At first we regarded Possibility Management as a path of personal development that could activate potentials for a more satisfying life. However, in 2007, after encountering J.F. Rischard's astonishing book: High Noon: 20 Global Problems and 20 Years to Solve Them (published in 2003!), it became clear that Possibility Management was actually regenerative-culture thoughtware-upgrades...

    Possibility Management provides clarity about thinking, feeling, relating, and evolving which could increase the chances that human beings have a future on planet Earth.

    When we realized this, our diligence about delivering our services amplified ten-fold. For more information about Possibility Management please visit possibilitymanagement.org, and for invitations to participate in Possibility Management rapid-learning environments, please visit offerings in the calendar at www.possibilitymanagement.org/calendar.


    Since 2008 Possibilican change-agents have provided both individuals and entire projects from the Global Ecovillage Network with context-deepening thoughtware-upgrades, plus healing and initiatory processes.

    The evolutionary benefits have been remarkable and sustainable.

    Possibilica is listed on the GEN ecovillage website here: ecovillage.org/project/possibilica/



    (revised 13 July 2019 by Clinton Callahan)

    ARTICLE 1. On this, the 24 day of May in the year 3 of the Archearchy Calendar (AC) (taking 1 January 2013 in the Gregorian Calendar as day 1 of year 1 of the Archearchy Calendar), it is hereby declared and ascertained that the nanonation of Possibilica already exists as an organism in the global ethnosphere of Earth and as a member of the global meshwork of nanonations.The nanonation of Possibilica is an energetic configuration of a minimum of 3 people committed to this assemblage of distinctions and declarations from the context of radical responsibility.


    ARTICLE 2. Radical responsibility means:

    • What is, is, as it is, here and now in the moment, with no story attached. (Arnaud Desjardins)
    • Just this. (Lee Lozowick)
    • There is no such thing as a problem. It is impossible to be a victim. Irresponsibility is an illusion. You have a Box. You are not your Box. Low drama is Gremlin food. Responsibility is applied consciousness. If you see a job it is your job to do. The universe is built out of archetypal love. (Clinton Callahan)

    ARTICLE 3. Radically responsible clarity tends to ignite unquenchable inspiration as 5 Body ecstasy. Archetypal Body Intimacy is allowed in Possibilica.


    ARTICLE 4. The nanonation of Possibilica is the space through which the Bright Principles of Love, Adulthood-Initiation, and High-Level-Fun can do their work in the world.


    ARTICLE 5. The purpose of Possibilica is to place the unquenchable inspiration ignited in us by radical responsibility’s clarity in the service of Gaia (the specific field of consciousness of Earth) as a Permanent Autonomous Zone (PAZ) to research, develop, document, communicate, and initiate both individuals and organizations in all aspects of life in archearchy.


    ARTICLE 6. Archearchy is the Earth-loving, regenerative, interdependent, evolving-adult culture currently emerging around the world through cultural creatives, and standing on the shoulders of matriarchy and patriarchy.


    ARTICLE 7. Possibilican culture is constellated around the ongoing authentic adulthood initiatory processes that relocate the assemblage points into radical responsibility, such as Expand The Box training and Possibility Labs as delivered by the Trainer Guild of Possibility Management Trainers.


    ARTICLE 8. One becomes a citizen of Possibilica through the 'amoeba affect', in other words, through being organically absorbed by the organism without further ado. Expulsion from the nanonation follows the same protocol. Every citizen of Possibilica is a spaceholder for the gameworld of Possibilica.


    ARTICLE 9. Every citizen of Possibilica recognizes that the gameworld of Possibilica is just like every other nation-state in the universe, a fiction. Therefore, it has become traditional in Possibilica on the 24 of May of each year to say, “There are only two things in life: bullshit, or nothing,” as a toast. This little ritual is a reminder that the construct of the Possibilican gameworld, just like the construct of every government, religion, corporation, economy, currency, sport, club, or secret society, falls in the category of 'bullshit'.


    ARTICLE 10. The distinction between 'bullshit' and 'nothing' allows the citizens of Possibilica to cherish the spaces of opportunity represented by the vast amounts of nothingness and not-knowing present in their culture, and to laugh at the modern culture missionaries who try to seduce their teenagers with sunglasses, smart phones, and bluejeans.


    ARTICLE 11. Thoughtware in Possibilica is inquired into as a practice of discovering and avoiding superstitions and beliefs.


    ARTICLE 12. Possibilica uses archearchy economics. The currency of Possibilica is mutual respect and creative collaboration. Furthermore, there is no exchange rate between the currency of Possibilica and any other currency. The Buffer Zone Office (BZO) handles external currency exchanges with other gameworlds.


    ARTICLE 13. The Guardians of Possibilica assure that the Bill Of Wrongs Of Possibilica are formatory.


    ARTICLE 14. The citizen population of Possibilica is limited to a maximum of 30 human beings aged 18 years or older plus children. The sum total of temporary guests, collaborators and participants at trainings, performances, shows, exhibitions and festivities is unlimited. Should the citizen population ever approach the maximum, one year will be allotted to train-up a selected team of 3 to 7 citizens to depart at year’s-end as the founders of the next Possibilica-style nanonation, established no closer than 10 kilometers distance.


    ARTICLE 15. Possibilica functions energetically as a galaxical toroid freely applying any of the 13 Standard Decision-Making Processes, but often avoids decision-making altogether by entering the M.E.S.S. process (Mayan Extraordinary Synergy System) which facilitates Dragon Speaking and Discovery Listening using a formal Spaceholder and Documenter. This allows the citizens to reinvent our story about who we are and what we are doing here rather than finding solutions that solve problems and conflicts.


    ARTICLE 16. By shifting from decision-making to choice-creating (Jim Rough) we get to bask in unexpected tsunamis of love. The MESS process naturally end when everyone knows what they want to go do next and simply go do it.


    ARTICLE 17. This is the whole of the Constitution of the Nanonation of Possibilica. It can only be modified by the Possibilicans.



    (revised 13 July 2019 by Clinton Callahan)

    Possibilica recognizes that the so-called 'rule-of-law' of the so-called 'modern civilization' (capitalist patriarchal empire) is a failed construct leading directly to planetary suicide and near-term human extinction. Therefore, Possibilica recognizes that anyone continuing to abide by the rule-of-law of modern civilization is criminally insane, and anyone defending the rule-of-law of modern civilization has already forfeited their life.


    Therefore, Possibilicans abide by a Bill of Wrongs.



    1. Forbids modern civilization’s rule of law.
    2. Forbids ownership of land.
    3. Forbids taxation.
    4. Forbids ownership of animal, mineral, or organic resources (so-called 'natural resources').
    5. Forbids monetizing natural capital.
    6. Forbids corporate personhood.
    7. Forbids copyright. (creativecommons.org)
    8. Forbids patents.
    9. Forbids hiring employees or working as an employee.
    10. Forbids hierarchical power structures. (torustechnology.org)
    11. Forbids public schools. (quitschool.org)
    12. Forbids win-lose games. (3games.mystrikingly.com)
    13. Forbids externalizing environmental costs or social costs.
    14. Forbids profit. (postgrowth.org)
    15. Forbids financial gambling in any form, e.g. health insurance. (artabana.de)
    16. Forbids renting money (interest).
    17. Forbids paid lobbyists.
    18. Forbids paid politicians.
    19. Forbids absentee ownership (stockholders, landlords, ownership of multiple homes).
    20. Forbids brands. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Logo)
    21. Forbids franchises.
    22. Forbids toxic wastes and byproducts.
    23. Forbids weapons of mass destruction.
    24. Forbids armed or armored vehicles (land, sea, air, or space).
    25. Forbids any weapon with an effective range over one kilometer.
    26. Forbids disposables.
    27. Forbids beliefs. (thoughtware.mystrikingly.com)
    28. And forbids lawyers.

    The Bill Of Wrongs Of The Nanonation Of Possibilica does not pretend to abide by natural law, because natural law allows parasites, gangsters, vampires, zombies, ghouls, blackmail, corruption, manipulation, revenge, power over, cancers, disease viruses, survival-of-the-fittest concepts, psychopaths, and acts of God. And, if you have ever seen hungry frigate birds snatch up and swallow freshly-hatched baby sea turtles scuttling frantically and defenselessly towards the ocean waves, you know that nature also allows terrorists.


    The Bill Of Wrongs thrives in Possibilica through the guardianship (kaitiaki) of the 4 Archetypal Lineages and their radically responsible choices.


  • Possibilican Passports

    In Possibilica we know the Archetypal Lineage, Bright Principles, Gremlin Name, and Shadow Principles of every other Possibilican.

    Therefore, the Archetypal Lineage Talisman serves as one's Passport in Possibilica.


    On an ocean of Spiral Dynamics Turquoise floats the symbol of Archearchy,

    where the infinity sign represents the everythingness of the archetypal feminine

    basking in the clear space of nothingness of the archetypal masculne which is represented by the zero .


    The water that flows through the rice fields in Bali is managed by the 'Subak' who are those farmers whose rice fields are located last in line, at the bottom of the mountain. The Subak team assures that water is not hoarded at the top of the mountain in ponds ('large bank accounts') by someone who is frightened and trying to have power by controlling the resources that everyone needs. That would be an I-win, you-lose, scarcity game harming the economy of the village. Instead the Subak team navigates a Winning Happening game where they take radical responsibility to assure that the water flows through every single rice field on the mountain. This is the equivalent of assuring that the money flows through every single bank account in the village. It does no harm to money if we arrange for small amounts of cash to flow rapidly through billons of people's bank accounts rather than having cash in the billions flowing slowly through a few people's over-stuffed bank accounts! The result of archearchal economy is thriving rice fields in Bali, and a thriving economy in Possibilica.


    Becoming a member of Possibilica seems to happen the same way an amoeba eats. When the amoeba needs particular nutrients available in a certain organic blob it sends out a pseudopod to absorb the blob. There is no policy about it. We trust the amoeba. People come around us and derive benefit from Possibilica existing, yet there is no way to get in or be kicked out until the amoeba wills it. How does that happen? We don't know. It is a mystery...


    Below are the current residents of the nomadic field of Possibilica:

    Michael Pörtner

    Georg Pollitt



    Anne-Chloé Destremau

    Clinton Callahan


    Gaia Is Hiring

    Boom Festival 2020

    Global Ecovillage Network

    Foundation of Intentional Communities

    Gaia Education

    Gaia Trust

    Artabana Health Cooperative

    School Of Lost Borders


    Youth Passageways



    "Just because you are not aware of a certain distinction

    does not mean this distinction is not seriously influencing the quality of your life."


    - Clinton Callahan, Transformational Circle Alchemist


    NOTE: If you are playing START OVER...

    reading any of the websites listed below earns you 1 matrix point! Doing the proposed experiments and practices gets you even more matrix points!

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